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responsive road safety

Bull Barrier 

Traffic Restraint System

The Bull Barrier road safety barrier exceeds all European standards and is a cost-effective solution to improving public safety.


Bull Barrier is a robust traffic and pedestrian separation barrier built for use on temporary roadworks where the workforce will be in close proximity to moving vehicles. With its patent-pending linking hinge, the Bull Barrier system is quick & easy to install and flexible, fluidly absorbing impact during a collision.

It is also designed to be used with anti-climb pedestrian fencing to keep the public safe and to generally delineate a construction or work area. Boasting innovative and practical design, its effectiveness is unrivalled.


Unit weight


Unit Length

T2 W6

Crash Tested


Wind Test


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Quick & easy

Handling of the barriers is easy, and are installed by 2 people with less strain than other road barriers. With its solid linking hinge – a key feature of its design – the Bull Barrier system is set up in a fraction of the time of other barriers.

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Highly adaptable 

The flexibility of linked Bull Barriers means it can curve around obstacles and adapt to its settings, offering safety around bends and in more demanding locations.

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Strength in numbers – not weight

Bull Barriers are tough, yet light – in fact, 10kg lighter than the nearest competitor. Instead of relying on the sheer stopping force of mass in the way bulkier barriers do, Bull Barrier’s effectiveness lies in the way energy from a collision is transferred across an entire barricade, meaning each unit doesn’t have to be as heavy as alternatives.

Safe and reliable

The responsive flexibility of a line of Bull Barriers absorbs the blow of a collision while safely and tactfully redirecting the vehicle. Brightly coloured and highly visible, Bull Barrier also allows for the simultaneous use of pedestrian barriers, making it a more versatile and overall safer barrier.


to EN1317 T2 W6

Thoroughly tested & verifiably safe

We’ve put our products to the test over and over to ensure their efficacy in all scenarios.

Strength in smart design

Bull Barrier proves that ‘strong’ doesn’t have to mean ‘heavy’.

Quick to install

 Ease of use is at the core of the Bull Barrier system


 Ease of use is at the core of the Bull Barrier system


To get in touch, please call 0843 557 7477

118A Newmarket Rd, Bury Saint Edmunds

IP33 3TG, UK

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