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Quickest barrier to install

Bull Barrier is quicker to install than any other road safety system

Get your barriers set up easily, without strain

Our unique fitting hinge (patent pending) was ergonomically designed with the installation workers in mind; traffic barrier installation is no longer back-breaking work.

The way the traffic barriers respond under impact allows them to be lightweight while remaining effective in collisions. This also means they can be installed in a fraction of the time of other barriers while being less labour intensive, requiring only 2 people for implementation.

The hinge and slot design provides Bull Barrier with the fastest installation of any product of its kind. The innovative native of the design also means that after the inevitable knocks and dents of prolonged use on site, Bull Barrier traffic barriers will continue to be easy to install

The Bull Barrier pedestrian fencing can be used in conjunction with all configurations, slotting neatly into the top of the barrier.

2 worker icon-01.png

2 people required

quick to instal icon-01.png

Fastest installation

Installation is completed in a handful of simple steps:





Insert reinforcement bar



reinforcement bar

Watch Bull Barrier installation:

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