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Why Bull Barrier?

Road safety is a multi-faceted and rigorous requirement, and Bull Barrier should be a part of any road safety checklist.


1.25 million deaths on the road each year

The World Health Organisation estimates that there are 1.25 million deaths on the road each year. Nearly half of these fatalities are vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists, many of whom could have benefitted from greater protection and segregation from fast moving vehicles. This is the importance of making our roads and adjoining pathways safer.

Why is it important to have flexible safety barriers?

On roads, construction sites, and events, safety barriers are a valuable tool in protecting people from the dangers of moving vehicles and heavy machinery. To ensure the wellbeing of road users, site workers, and pedestrians, Bull Barrier has developed the safest, most versatile, and cost effective solution on the market today.

Constructed from sheet carbon steel and steel tubes, Bull Barrier exceeds all European and international safety standards. Thanks to the efficient design, these barriers can also be installed quickly and safely by just two people.

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Choosing the right safety barrier

Safety barriers come in many shapes and sizes, from traffic cones to concrete half walls. With such a vast range of designs and varying features available, it isn’t always easy to know which safety barrier is best. Durability, versatility, cost, and ease of installation are all important considerations before making a decision.

Versatility plays an important role in safety barrier design, from establishing how quick and simple it is to install, remove, or relocate them, to determining how easy it is to place the barriers in a variety of locations. From temporary roadworks to long-term infrastructure projects and even construction site partitions, being able to install safety barriers quickly and reposition them at short notice is a valuable capability.


However, this adaptability should not come at the expense of strength or durability.

Bull Barrier’s unique modular design not only makes it convenient to implement, but also gives it considerable strength, making it a solution fit for many applications. While concrete traffic safety barriers are extremely strong and hard-wearing (which is why they can often be found used in central reservations), they are much more difficult to move and typically more expensive to install.

On the other hand, lighter and more portable safety barriers compromise on the effectiveness of mass – with Bull Barrier, however, this simply isn’t the case. A linked set of Bull Barriers distributes the force of an impact across the entire barricade, applying stopping force in quantity rather than sheer mass.

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